Wool Carpet Flooring: Benefits and Care

100% wool carpets ensure a healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable soft floor surface that is durable, easy to clean and long lasting.

Wool is a natural and rapidly-renewable resource. In the ETH wool carpet collection, carpet backing is made of jute, a natural fiber grown in India and Bangladesh. Jute is a plentiful and highly-renewable resource. The result is an ultra-low toxicity floor covering which actually improves indoor air quality for your health and comfort. Wool carpets are available in several styles and many colours which suit most decorating needs. They meet and exceed the high standards demanded by both the environmental movement and by individuals with high sensitivity to chemical toxins.

Why Buy Wool Carpets?

Wool is Durable

The natural crimp of wool allows it to spring back quickly after compression and retain its original shape. Woolen carpets look good much longer than carpets made from synthetic fibers, even in high traffic areas. Museums are filled with fine examples of wool rugs dating back hundreds of years.

Wool is Warm

The natural crimp of wool creates millions of tiny pockets that trap air and act as the ideal insulator. The trapped air helps maintain a constant temperature in both hot and cold weather, in a way that no synthetic fiber has ever done. This trait allows sheep to live in environments ranging from freezing mountainous areas to arid desert plains.

Wool is Quiet

Those same millions of air pockets make wool a great sound insulator, often used in concert halls to create the best acoustics. In your home, wool carpet will minimize sound transmissions between floors and rooms.

Wool is Safe

Wool's fibre structure and natural tendency to absorb moisture from the environment mean that it is one of the hardest fibres to ignite, and the easiest to extinguish. Drop a burning cigarette on a wool carpet and the charred tips of the fibre can simply brushed away. The same cigarette dropped on a carpet made of a synthetic fibre will likely melt a visible spot.

Wool is Anti-Static

Wool's ability to absorb moisture prevents the build up of static electricity, which makes wool carpets not only more comfortable to walk on but also more practical for rooms containing computer and electrical equipment.

Wool is Soft

If you enjoy the pleasures of an informal lifestyle and relax in your home by sitting or walking barefoot, wool carpet is meant for you! Nothing compares to the pleasure of soft wool carpet under your bare feet.

Wool is Anti-Allergenic

Allergies are on the rise around the world. Exposure to synthetic materials is consider a to be a possible contributor. Wool fibres are too long and course to be inhaled and, being a natural fibee, won't give off harmful emissions. Wool has a breathable fiber structure that does not promote the growth of bacteria and dust mites.

Wool is Easy to Clean

Wool is a naturally soil and stain resistant fibre. Wool fibres have developed these properties to keep sheep clean in their harsh rugged environments. In your home, wool carpet will repel stains and soiling, keeping them on top of the pile for ease of cleaning.

Wool is Environmentally Friendly

Wool is a natural, sustainable, biodegradable, and rapidly renewable resource that has the least environmental impact of all carpet fibres. Wool is the only carpet fibee made without petroleum—a finite and non-biodegradable resource.

Wool is a Good Investment

Wool carpets are a bit more expensive to buy, compared to synthetic fibre carpet alternatives. However, they are less expensive in the long run, if you amortize your investment over the much longer time of its use. Not counting the priceless benefits to your health and our environment.

How To Care for Your Wool Carpets?

Prolonging the life of your carpet will minimize the impact on the environment. Regular maintenance will maintain the carpet's noise reduction and thermal insulation properties, and enhance its long-term performance. We encourage you to vacuum your carpet regularly as well as having your wool carpets cleaned by certified carpet cleaners every 1-2 years.

In the meantime, there are going to be everyday spills requiring some attention. What treatment method is the best? The answer to this question can vary, so we've put together a short list of do'’s and don'ts, as well as a spot removal chart to help you figure out how to proceed.


  1. Call us before you try commercially available do-it-yourself methods. We can check our records regarding carpet type and fibre construction and advise you of the best method.
  2. Before applying any chemical product to your carpet, it is always a good idea to test the solution on a small inconspicuous area, perhaps in a closet. If the solution does stain the carpet, it will remain unnoticed.


  1. Do not use alkaline soaps.
  2. Do not use ammonia.
  3. Do not use cleaning fluids meant for wood, tile, or hard surfaces, as these will damage your carpet.
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